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Anaphylaxis and Health Support training
This program is designed to provide information on specialised health needs common to many students enrolled in state schools. A series of short videos are designed to assist school staff to safely manage and support the needs of students with specialised health requirements and to make reasonable adjustments to allow these students to participate alongside their peers in a safe supportive learning environment.

You will learn about the following topics:

- Epilepsy
- Midazolam Use (an emergency seizure medication)
- Vagus Nerve Stimulation (electronic device that reduces seizure)
- Gastrostomy Device Use (artificial feeding system)
- Nasogastric Device Use (artificial feeding system)
- Urinary Catheterisation (catheter use for bladder emptying)
- Colostomy/Ileostomy (bag/pouch system to manage faecal waste)
- Functional Constipation and Soiling (previously known as encopresis)
- Oral Nasal Suctioning (to maintain a clear airway when swallowing is compromised)
- Tracheostomy Care (surgically created airway)
- Oxygen Use (for students with prescribed oxygen for use at school).
Adult Learning Course
1 Day